Steel Roof Installation and Repair


Steel Roof Installation and Repair

Barn Stars are specialists in Steel Roof Installation as well as their Repair and Maintenance. If you’re using traditional roofing and want a more durable and long-lasting roof, you should definitely consider Steel Roofs. They are also better at weatherproofing your barn against fast winds, heavy rain, and thick snow. Lasting up to 70 years, Steel roofing is definitely the best you can get for your barn.

Hire best steel roof repair in Ontario 

We have been serving Ontario for over 20 years with the best steel roof repair service. Our team of qualified professionals will handle any job with the utmost care. We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality maintenance services which guarantee your steel roofs to last 70 years or more.

Steel Roof Installation Costing

Barn stars give you the best prices in quality Steel Roof installation and repair. Our price match guarantee ensures that you always get the best bang for your buck while also maintaining top-notch services. For example, Aluminum shingled roofing costs $9 – $17 per sq ft, and your typical Barn roof can be covered with $15k-25k.

What types of materials do we use

The typical Steel roofing requires the metal itself. Supporting structures, insulation, wiring, and, more. Steel roofs are made from metal, Aluminum Shingles, Copper tiles, Corrugated metal, and steel single panels. All of these come together to produce a roof fit for running all year long.


Hire us

Like what you see and have enough of a budget to blow on a new roof? Well, look no further than Barn Stars have you covered. We provide the best quality steel roofing services along with free consultation. To get in touch with us call us today!

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