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Are you looking for industrial painting services in Lincoln County? Barn Stars is here to provide you with the most effective painting services in the county. We are a dedicated team of skilled painters and project managers. Whatever the project may be, we have all the resources to handle it. Other than industrial, we take on painting projects for barns, commercial and residential areas. Our team of professional industrial painters in Lincoln County ensures that there is no room for error.

What are the specific industrial painting services we provide in Lincoln County?

Epoxy floor coating

A factory, warehouse, or power plant—whatever the industrial space it is, with time the look of the building gets worn off. There are many people working, machines, and trolleys making their way on the entire floor. The movement on a daily basis takes away the shine of the floor. A perfect epoxy floor coating provides longevity to the industry floor. Our skilled industrial painters in Lincoln County deliver high-quality floor finishes. What industrial spaces do we cover?

  • Warehouse
  • Power generation facilities
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Industrial Mills
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Agricultural industry

Steel Structure Painting

Do you provide painting services for industries made of steel or iron? If you are concerned about this, you are in the right place. We provide these structures with priming and painting, giving them a fresh look. If you think painting is a large investment, you are wrong. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality paint at affordable prices. A quality paint ensures durability for the steel or iron industrial space.

Ceiling Painting

A work area needs to be clean and pleasing for employees and customers to operate in. Any building or plant needs protection from potential hazards. We are professional industrial painters in Lincoln County experienced in roof painting, refinery painting, plant painting, and more.

Wall Painting

Whether exterior or interior, the walls need to look clean. For clients as well, the exterior surface of the building gives a first impression. We have a wide range of paints. Your color choice and our perfection meet to give a beautiful look to the factory space.

Common industrial settings benefited from exterior and interior wall painting are as follows:

  • Metal Industry
  • Large distribution centers
  • Electronic component manufacturers
  • Pharmaceuticals facilities
  • Industrial and commercial equipment

Exterior Painting

The outside walls of any building are prone to harsh weather conditions. Nature’s elements, such as snow, sunlight, rain, hail, and wind, damage the surface. The anti-corrosive finish on the walls protects it from the harsh elements of nature. It also maintains its durability.

Other industrial painting services that we provide in Lincoln County are as follows:

  • Machinery and equipment painting
  • Shot Blasting
  • Surface preparation
  • Waterproofing
  • Roof sealing
  • Power washing
  • Sand Blasting

services do we providE 

Residential Painting

Barn Painting

Commercial Painting

Why are we the best barn painting in Ontario? 

There is something so romantic about an old barn. They are a reminder of a time when things were simpler and life moved at a slower pace. When you see an old barn, it’s easy to imagine the farmer working the fields or the animals grazing in the pasture. It’s hard to believe that these buildings are often left to rot, but that’s where we come in. We are a company that specializes in barn restoration in Ontario. We take great pride in bringing these old structures back to life so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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