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Does your barn need a fresh look? If yes, Barn Stars is there for you. We are professional barn painters in Grey County. We believe in creating beautiful masterpieces out of old barns. It takes a fresh coat of paint to rejuvenate the old barn and give it an appealing look. Our barn painting company in Grey County is known for delivering exceptional quality services. Our skilled professionals use modern tools and equipment to make your property look stunning.

Barn Stars specializes in the following services:

Barn Services

  • Barn repairs 
  • Barn Restoration
  • Barn Maintenance 
  • Barn doors
  • Barn roofs 
  • Farm equipment painting
  • Barn Boards 
  • Barn Sandblasting
  • Barn silos and more

Serving our clients for a decade in Grey County

Barn Stars is a family-owned business that has been running since 1968. We specialize in various types of painting services in Grey County, including barn, residential, and industrial painting. We are a one-stop solution for all sorts of barn painting services. The clients admire us for our timely output, and thus we are a trusted barn painting company in Grey County.

‘Old is Gold’ and we believe in preserving the gold.

Barns play an important role on farms. This property is a house for all sorts of livestock, such as poultry, sheep, pigs, and more. Restoring barns in Grey County is a beautiful way to keep our history alive. The old barns carry with them a sense of admiration for the hard work our farmers put in during that time. Preserving these heritage properties is an art, and we excel at it.

We repair and restore barns in such a way that the historic internal structure is retained. Barn repair in Grey County is a difficult task to perform. Thanks to our skilled painters, who are well equipped with modern technologies, These professionals are certified and know how to preserve the barn’s historic setting. They are also aware of giving it a new transformation at the same time.

Why are we the trusted barn painting service providers in Grey County?

Pinnacle of Expertise

When it comes to barn painting services, Barn Stars stands as the epitome of expertise. Our professionals boast extensive experience handling diverse projects, showcasing their unparalleled skills.

A Legacy of Experience

With years of experience under our belt, Barn Stars has successfully completed numerous painting projects. Our longevity in the industry speaks volumes about our competence and unwavering reliability.

Masterful Team

At Barn Stars, a team of highly skilled painters is at your service, well-versed in the art of barn painting. Their expertise ensures the delivery of high-quality and efficient services tailored to barn settings.

Excellence in Materials

Our commitment to high quality extends to the materials we use. Barn Stars prioritizes top-quality paints and materials, ensuring longevity for the painted surfaces of your property.

Compliance Assurance

Barn Stars takes safety precautions. We follow rules and safety guidelines when we paint to keep everyone safe and meet regulations.

Customer Delight Guaranteed

Barn Stars is proud to provide excellent barn painting services in Grey County, always making our customers happy. Positive reviews from satisfied clients underscore our commitment to customer satisfaction.

Committed to deadlines

We have a dedicated team of certified professionals. Our crew plans the work according to the committed date and time. We at Barn Stars, believe in open communication with our clients. Strong communication brings positive results. Keeping transparency in every business is our motto. We believe in maintaining our reputation with our clients.

Just a call away

We are easily approachable. We are just a call away. You can fix a meeting with our experts and share the type of painting services you want.

Preserving the barn

Whatever the size of the barn, we are experts in taking on all kinds of projects. We, as the certified barn painters in Grey County, provide you with quality work. 

services do we providE 

Residential Painting

Barn Painting

Commercial Painting

Why are we the best barn painting in Ontario? 

There is something so romantic about an old barn. They are a reminder of a time when things were simpler and life moved at a slower pace. When you see an old barn, it’s easy to imagine the farmer working the fields or the animals grazing in the pasture. It’s hard to believe that these buildings are often left to rot, but that’s where we come in. We are a company that specializes in barn restoration in Ontario. We take great pride in bringing these old structures back to life so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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