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Barn Stars is the company that started its journey into barn painting in 1968. We are renowned barn painters in Owen Sound, Ontario, since then. Besides barn painting and repair services, we also provide industrial painting services. Our talented workforce is among the best of the industrial painters near you. Our professionals get the work done in a committed time frame. So there you are, added to the long list of our happy customers!

Complete Barn Restoration in Kitchener

Do you think barn restoration is worth investing in? If yes, then you should trust only Barn Stars. We paint and repair your barn completely, from doors to windows, floor to roof, and from inside to outside.

When the climate is harsh and your heritage barn needs more attention, call us for that special touch. Whatever the age of your barn may be, our skilled professional painters will give it a new look like no other.


  • We preserve your heritage buildings, giving them a new look. Don’t worry, your old memories won’t fade away. We restore the best features to your old building.
  • Our painting professionals are highly skilled. Our painters accomplish the task in half the time.
  • Barn Stars specializes in both exterior and interior painting. Thus, we restore your heritage in a complete way.
  • We are a team of skilled craftsmen that have a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. So, with years of experience, we are dedicated to preserving and enhancing your barn structures.
  • Our track record shows how timely we complete our projects. Clients believe in us for our efficient and timely services.
  • Transparent communication is the key for any business to succeed. We ensure our clients are well informed. There is proper communication throughout any painting, repair or restoration project.
  • The smile on our customer’s face is our final destination. We have expertise in almost every field. We deliver the best services that exceed your expectations.

What are the different types of barn painting we can do in Kitchener?

If you are still considering the question: Can we paint different types of barns? Our answer is yes. Explore a few of our painting services below:

Pole Barn Painting
  • Commonly used for agricultural, storage, and commercial purposes.
  • We have expertise in the structural design, rough texture, and high vertical spaces of your building.
Metal barn painting
  • Since such barn buildings are made of metal, they are prone to rust.
  • We aim at removing rust and retaining its luster and aesthetic appeal.
  • We use the right primer so that your building lasts longer.
Wood Barn Painting
  • It looks very easy but needs to be done with the utmost care.
  • Wood is susceptible to high moisture. Yes, we understand the basics of wood barn painting. Our skilled barn painters in Kitchener know how to maintain moisture in barns made of wood.

What do I need to pay for giving my barn an unmatched look?

The cost of barn painting in Kitchener depends on many factors.

-Size of barn

Current situation

Paint quality 

 All these factors contribute to the price you need to pay. Our cost-effective prices ensure that you get the best services without paying hefty amounts. Our skilled workforce is our asset. If you hire us, you save money because we ensure there are no loopholes. So when we are at work, you are happy in your heart and pocket.

We know weather conditions are unpredictable. Wind, snow, rainfall, and heat—all of these directly or indirectly impact the buildings at large. If you hire us, we will ensure your barn is protected from harsh weather conditions.

So you pay us for:

Our prices reflect the quality skills and experience of our professional painters and restoration experts.

We use high-quality paints and coatings. These high-quality products and services are designed to provide durability and a long-lasting finish to your barns.

Be it any type of barn, we are perfectionists. We meet our customers' expectations at large.

We also specialize in barn restoration and repair services.

Complex and intricate designs demand more time and skill. If your barn is unique, don't worry; we are experts in this field as well. We maintain the structural integrity of your barn.

We are highly skilled in maintaining the visual appeal of your barn over time. We use quality materials to ensure your building has a long-term value.

services do we providE 

Residential Painting

Barn Painting

Commercial Painting

Why are we the best barn painting in Ontario? 

There is something so romantic about an old barn. They are a reminder of a time when things were simpler and life moved at a slower pace. When you see an old barn, it’s easy to imagine the farmer working the fields or the animals grazing in the pasture. It’s hard to believe that these buildings are often left to rot, but that’s where we come in. We are a company that specializes in barn restoration in Ontario. We take great pride in bringing these old structures back to life so that they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

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